Will joined Wealden Works aged 19 in July 2019 a year after completing his education. Will has Asperger Syndrome, and eye to hand co-ordination difficulties, for which he received assistance at school.

“Mum showed me jobs to apply for, but I didn’t really know how to. Then she heard about Wealden Works from someone whose son had attended and wanted me to join to get me out of the house and ‘get some skills’. We initially visited together and had an informal chat to get more of an idea of what was involved, which sounded fairly interesting, so I joined a few weeks later.”

Will’s Story

Living in rural East Sussex, and attending school in another area, Will’s friends lived too far away or were at Uni, the poor transport links and temperamental broadband left him isolated. His daily routine became…… getting up at no particular time, watching TV / internet, something to eat, more TV / internet and going to bed…… he rarely left the house, ‘I had no reason or purpose to do anything different’

In a very short space of time Will took a very active part in the group, particularly in debates and became a valued team member. He gained qualifications in Equality and Diversity, Emergency First Aid in the Workplace and Customer Service.

Initially his personal goals were to gain better social skills, build on confidence and gain an insight into ‘the world of work’…… he achieved all with flying colours.

Once he had completed the 10 week course we kept in regular contact as part of our ‘Aftercare Programme’.

An opportunity for a Business Administration Apprenticeship at Wealden District Council was found that matched both his personality and new skills.

Having prepared and attended a 3 interview stage process Will was offered the job and has started his apprenticeship.

We are all extremely proud of his achievement.

“I never would have had the confidence or motivation to have applied before. I now have something to look forward to and a reason to get out of bed in the morning, my family are absolutely ecstatic.”