Heathfield Community College Mentoring Scheme

With this being the third year of the school mentoring programme Wealden Works have delivered, we are delighted in receiving such wonderful feedback from Caroline Barlow, the Headteacher of HCC and the students themselves.

Wealden Works is incredibly proud to be a part of this scheme. Having the opportunity to work with this year group of students and being able to capture their enthusiasm early on is a privilege, and to know that we have played a part in preparing them for their next steps is what Wealden Works takes enormous pride in. We cannot wait to meet the next group of students and play a positive part in their future journey.

Dear Lisa and Tora,

I am writing to you in lieu of a celebration event that we would liked to have held at College for our employer mentors and their mentees. Unfortunately, as has often been the case over the last few years other factors beyond our control meant that this was not practical.

However, I am not willing for the end of your time with the students and the contribution you have made to them to go unmarked or suitably appreciated. We have met with the students in College and asked them to reflect on the programme, their relationship with you and the skills and understanding they have gained from the activities they undertook under your guidance. Their feedback is moving and I wanted to share it with you.

Generically all the students felt they had benefitted significantly from the programme, they enjoyed spending time together and valued their time with you as mentors greatly. They talked informatively about what they gained specifically and warmly about the relationships they formed with you.

All the students valued the chance to talk with you, to learn from your experience. They gave examples such as learning how to compile their CVs and how to conduct themselves in interviews both visually and orally. Your help enabling them to overcome interview nerves was particularly valued as well as supporting them to think through their next steps.

I particularly appreciate how disjointed and difficult the programme may have felt this year, however, I am hugely impressed and grateful that you have stuck with us and shown the students the value of doing the same. They will have learnt an enormous amount just from time spent with you as role models as well as the overt conversations you had with them which will have shaped their thinking both now and into their future.

Thank you for being willing to take on such a role in the middle of a pandemic, thank you for the resilience you have shown throughout it and thank you for the impact you have had on our young people. Both they and I are very grateful, you bring something to young people which is inspirational and in a way that we as a school cannot match. I do not take anything for granted and appreciate the time you will have given to this and would love to work with you in this capacity again in the future if you would be willing.

Yours sincerely